Which paints look best on cars

Which paints look best on cars

Scrapyard are filled with scrap cars in Rugby. Most of the car colors are white, then comes metallic, black, and other colors like red, pink or blue are rare. If you are thinking to buy a new car and want to get it in your favorite color, you might need to read this information; the best color for your car is the one that does not need too much maintenance. Usually the color that lasts longer is black, but maintenance of black car is hefty. Even a pinch of dirt can make your car look ugly. the reason black color luster and shine lasts longer is that it does not reflect color. The more a car reflects color, the more likely it is to fade.

Why white?

Best white car

The ideal color for a car is supposed to be white, because it is easy to take care of and easy to maintain. There are other reasons that makes white the ideal color for cars:

  • Easy to take care of

White color is easy to maintain, because it is good at hiding dust and grime. Although white color cars cannot hide the road grime, but they are good for hiding dust and dirt. You cannot see dirt on a white color, until you touch it.

  • Forgiving with heat

Yes, this is one of the best point about white cars. White cars don’t get heated up in high temperatures, unlike other darker color cars do. The interiors will not get heated in high temperatures in a white car. But in a darker color car like red or black, the interiors of the car get heated up with high temperatures.

  • Fancy interiors

In a white car, the interiors are mostly black or in a darker color. This is a good thing, because a darker interior is easy to maintain as it shows less dirt than a lighter color interior. Scrap cars in Rugby are mostly white and the interiors are in black, grey or tan.

  • White makes car look bigger

Since it is confirmed in the fashion world that white color makes you look broader and bigger, while black makes you look smaller and slimmer. Likewise, a white color car looks bigger and a black color cars looks slimmer.

  • Visually appealing

The other reason, white works the best is that white can work with any color and can make the car look visually appealing. The contrast between the body and smaller parts like windows, grill, and wheels look visually alluring to the eyes.


If you have a choice while buying a car, chose it wisely. Go for a color that looks clean and has less maintenance. White is the color that looks clean all the time. White looks visually appealing to the eyes, makes the car look improved. The best thing is that a white car has darker interior that are easy to keep clean. If you are still not convinced, you might visit a scrapyard and see how much colors fade with time. Scrap cars in Rugby can be helpful for you.