A business trip story, In Rugby.

It all Began with my business trip to Rugby, for the venture of “Car/Vehicle Recycling process”. I was sent by the research and development sector as an agent to develop a proposal for my company and one offer, I stumbled across made my trip worth going.

So, before I explain the conclusion what I developed,

Let’s first get to know,


scrap car rugby

A Market town situated in Warwickshire, Rugby is a destination situated near a river named Avon, holding a total population of around 62,000 people, ranking one of the largest towns in the district county and credited with being the home ground of the sport, of course, Rugby football, No joke.


scrap car rugby

scrap car rugby

An amalgamation of the original town neighboring other villages, Incorporated in 1932 when the town became part of the borough, still has its former village center. Rugby has buildings of victorian times which are obviously old but new buildings are also constructed now.


Holding numerous restaurants, Rugby is noted for its large number of pubs in the 1960s having a record with one of the highest numbers of pubs per radius in whole over of England. Shopping areas near the Clock Tower, Street markets open several days a week, extending vacancies that are wishing to excel services within and without the county.


When I was paying a visit to one of the scrapyards, what I got to find out was very remarkable.

I didn’t even need to go.

The process was yet as simple and outstanding.

I bought a car for experimental purposes, to sacrifice for business purposes and of course to travel around the city,

A 45-year-old BMW 3 series (E21).

BMW 3 series

BMW 3 series

Imagine, A free offer of collection of the scrap and disposal right from your doorstep to the scrap yard right where you reside, that’s what happened to me, in Rugby,

Not tomorrow, not in the future, But today! whatever time you prefer,  Scrap cars in Rugby is the way to go

 Was what was advertised, and I stumbled across.


What I got to know,

 “In Rugby, cars can be scrapped to the point of, You, generating cash and business legally with no hassle”.

An agent from the scrap yard contacted me, for the location of where I or the car resides.

The process was conducted in 4 simple steps:

  • A detailed Inspection.

They inspected the car with a spreadsheet, made me sign after.

  • Extracted all fluids and valuable parts.

Of course, they took off all fluids and valuable parts, manually, which took amazingly minutes to do so.

  • Buying recovered/auto parts.

They gave me an offer for the parts and components that could be re-sold in the used marketplaces/ workshops, which of course I had to agree.

  • Shredding/Crushing.

And lastly, the heartbreaking moment, the car was sent into a que to be mashed, smashed, and turned into a big square pile of scrap ready to be shipped to the desired location for further business.

“So, c’mon ya’ll I don’t need to explain what a car is, you’d probably be dreaming about that Lambo you want to be escorted in or that Ferrari you want to flex in through the neglective crowd in your hometown.

So why wait now? sell that Scrap Car in Rugby, make money, and buy you’re desired Ferrari Today”.

Which was advertised but I later did not of course but,

The point is,

It helped me not only to recycle but to generate a business proposal right from my doorstep to the nearest junkyard, It Got me the money rolling within just a few hours.

What an experience for such a proposal to submit that not only made me write this article but earned me a raise too.